A style that fits tightly from waist to ankle, following the body's curves closely for a form-fitting and fashionable look.

A style with a slim cut and a straighter line on the leg, allowing for a comfortable and versatile fit that's not as tight as skinny jeans but still gives a streamlined appearance.

A style with a balanced cut and a straight line from hip to ankle, providing a comfortable and classic fit that's suitable for all occasions and body types.

A style featuring a moderately slim cut around the thigh, narrowing down towards the ankle. This creates a comfortable, versatile fit that adapts well to various body types and lends a sleek, contemporary look.

A style with a looser cut and a straight or slightly tapered line on the leg, offering a comfortable and versatile fit that's ideal for those who prefer more room around the thigh and seat area.

A style that features a slim cut through the thigh, gradually widening from the knee to the ankle. This design allows for a comfortable fit that accommodates boots and creates a balanced, classic silhouette.

A style with a roomy cut that flows from the waist to the ankle in a broad, straight line. These jeans offer ample space for comfort and movement, making them a versatile choice for a relaxed, yet chic look.

A style incorporating a relaxed cut with additional cargo pockets for practicality. The straight line on the leg ensures comfort, while the extra storage options add to its versatility, making it a perfect blend of fashion and functionality.



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Jeans have been a staple since their inception in 1873, and over a hundred years later, they have made their way into every contemporary wardrobe in the world. Owning denim is a smart choice for versatility and comfort but, how can you elevate your personal look with the various styles that jeans have to offer?




Locate the fullest part of your hips, which is typically 7 to 9 inches below your natural waistline.

Wrap the tape measure around your hips at this point and record the measurement at the point where the tape meets its end.


Locate your natural waistline. This is the narrowest part of your body.

Wrap a flexible measuring tape around your waist. Ensure that it's level and fits snugly around your waist without digging into your skin. Record the measurement where the tape measure meets its end.


For the most accurate in-seam measurement, take a pair of jeans that fit you well and are of a length you're comfortable with.

Lay the jeans flat on a surface and measure the inside leg seam. Start from the crotch and go down to the bottom of the leg and record the length.



Since 2008, DL1961 has been more than just a family-owned denim brand. They've been a beacon of innovation and commitment in the world of premium denim. Each thread woven, each stitch made, is a testament to their unwavering devotion to sustainability and superior quality. Overseeing every step from fiber creation to the final denim garment, DL1961 prides themselves on their leading fabric and sustainability technologies. They do not merely create denim jeans; they sculpt wearable artistry with a conscience, encouraging us all to tread lightly upon our Earth.

Let their story inspire you to be a part of this remarkable journey towards a more sustainable future, one pair of jeans at a time.

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Explore the unique characteristics of different denim washes, from the classic raw denim look to the ever-popular selvedge denim. We provide expert advice on how to wear denim, offering style tips and outfit inspiration to elevate your everyday style. Our guide doesn't stop at style and fit. It also extends to providing essential tips on denim care to ensure your jeans stay looking their best for years to come. Learn how to measure your waist, inseam, and rise for a perfect fit, avoiding the common pitfalls of denim shopping.