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Juicy Couture

From notorious 2000’s fashion, to taking over modern day casual wear, Juicy Couture is making a comeback with a luxurious line of athletic leisure. Leading their collection with premium materials like soft cottons and velvety velour, you'll find nothing short of chic pieces promising ultra-comfort. Think stylish track tops paired with lounge pants in flattering fits, or indulge in an assortment of comfy undergarments, as well as a selection of trendy accessories including 90s-esque scrunchies and funky bucket hats.

Explore our collection of Juicy Couture clothing for uppers suited for both home and outerwear, from alluring strappies, snug hoodies to fashionable crop tops. Look for a range of ultra-feminine colour choices like pastel pinks, deep reds and blues, and monochrome darks and whites. You'll find the label's signature logo adorning the fronts and backs of several pieces - making sure no one misses you showing off the luxury brand's flashy designs.

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