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It's A Beautiful Baby Prada! The Designer Names On The Rise

It's A Beautiful Baby Prada! The Designer Names On The Rise

Many people are inspired by fashion, but how many would consider naming their children after their favourite brand? The answer is a surprisingly large amount, as we’ve discovered when looking into some of the most popular baby names of 2022. We found that well over 276k babies were named after famous fashion brands this year! 

We’ve taken a look through baby name lists to find out which fashion designers are leading the way when it comes to what parents are choosing to call their children. We’ve also chatted with a baby name expert to explore why people turn to their favourite brands when looking for name inspiration.  

Here’s what we’ve found… 


The most popular fashion baby names of 2022 

To find out the most popular fashion-focused names, we analysed baby name lists looking at the 2022 worldwide popularity rankings for names around fashion, and how many babies per million were given each name. Using this data, we calculated the number of babies given these names in 2022 to create our ranking.  

The most popular fashion-inspired baby names this year are: 

  1. Armani65k babies  
  2. Kenzo60k babies  
  3. Valentino44k babies  
  4. Dior – 41k babies  
  5. Chanel – 32k babies  
  6. Coco – 19k babies 
  7. Boss – 4.6k babies  
  8. Diesel – 4.6k babies  
  9. Klein – 3.6k babies  
  10. Hermes – 2.6k babies  

The ever-classic Armani came out top of the list, with a huge 65,000 babies named after the luxury Italian fashion brand. Kenzo, which comes from the Japanese term meaning ‘strong’ came second on the list, with the romantic-sounding Valentino taking third place.  

There were a few honorable mentions – rarer names that didn’t quite take a place in the top ten. Yves narrowly missed out on a place in the top ten list, with almost 2,000 babies being named this in 2022. Gucci was similar – while not making the top ten, 280 babies have been named after the fashion brand from 2021. 

Looking back over the last few years, Givenchy and Versace have also had an impact. There have been five recently recorded cases of children named Givenchy, while 11 have been named Versace.  

The shifting trends in fashion baby names 

If you’re keen to keep on top of trends when it comes to baby names, we also looked at the biggest growths and to see which names are the next big thing. 

Fashion-loving parents looking to stay ahead of the pack may consider naming their child Prada. While it didn’t take a place as one of the most popular, the name increased over 10,000 places in the popularity index, with over 700 babies named after the brand compared to 280 the previous year.  

The same can be said for Klein (a la Calvin Klein) and Dolce (inspired by Dolce & Gabbana). 3,640 babies were named Klein in 2022 compared to 2,100 in 2021, while 840 babies were named Dolce this year – that’s double the number from 2021!  

What inspires fashionable baby names? We ask an expert 

As well as the top ten lists, we were also interested in the motivation behind parents naming their children after such huge, iconic fashion brands. For expert insight, we spoke to Dr Jane Pilcher, SFHEA, Associate Professor of Sociology at Nottingham Trent University, whose expertise includes baby names. She told us that there has been a recent shift towards more unusual names, explaining: 

“Over the last few decades, the decisions made about baby names are becoming less influenced by tradition and more influenced by taste, particularly the taste of the parents. This comes from the idea parents want to project about themselves through the choices they make, much in the same way that we make choices about which brands we like.  

“In practical terms, this means the available pot of baby names is becoming much broader – there’s a wider number of choices available for parents because names are less constrained by tradition. So, you can make a choice such as naming your child after Armani or Dolce, and while this might still be a very distinctive choice, it’s not going to be completely unusual because people are basing baby names off a much wider range of influences and sources than they were in the past.” 

We also asked about any factors that may influence parents into picking unusual names, learning that gender can come into play. Dr Picher told us: 

“One key thing that influences parental choices is the sex of the baby. There is evidence that suggests parents are more willing to take risks with baby girls’ names. Culturally speaking, it’s less of a risk to make a wild card choice for a baby girl than it is for a baby boy, as despite the work of feminism and gender equality, boys are still seen as having more status in society. Nowadays, there’s a much wider pool of baby names to choose from, and that’s particularly true for girls. Of all the baby names in circulation in England and Wales at the moment, there are many more in circulation for girls than there are for boys.” 

Finally, we were interested in the mindset of parents choosing fashion-focused baby names. Dr Pilcher explained baby names are all about aspirations, but usually the aspirations of the parents rather than the expectations of a child: 

“Baby name choices are so much more about the parent’s identity than the child. Names are a second-hand way of declaring an identity which is imposed upon the child – and the child might not like it when they become conscious of themselves.

“It’s telling that of the fashion brand names mentioned, they’re obviously all high-end brands. It might be that parents who are choosing these names want some of that prestige and that status to be reflected in their child’s name and rub off on the child. This underlines the point that baby names reflect parents and their aspirations. There may be an element of parents choosing names based on what they want their child to achieve and be in life, but overall, baby names always say more about the parent than the child.” 

Whether you’re a fan of designer-inspired baby names or would prefer to stick to something more traditional, we can see unique choices for names are on the rise. From Dolce to Dior, it’s clear the designer world has a huge impact – and one that spans far beyond the clothing and accessories we wear!  

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