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Going Bold: How to Wear Bright Colours with Olivia Rubin

Going Bold: How to Wear Bright Colours with Olivia Rubin

Picking out an outfit isn't always the easiest thing to do — especially for a big event. There's a tonne of choices to make between style, accessories and colour. The easiest thing for most of us is to pick out our usual monochrome outfit and wear the same colour tones day after day. But how about introducing bold colours into your day-to-day wear?

Many women shy away from bold colours and bright shades in favour of darker colours. While this can undoubtedly look stylish, bright colours are an incredible way to shake up your wardrobe, make your outfits a little more fun and turn some heads in the process. Plus, wearing bold colours and rainbow hues can boost your mood as bright colours help our bodies release dopamine.

One of the most prominent advocates of brighter colours in the fashion industry is Olivia Rubin, whose designs encourage women to wear bold clothes and colourful accessories. If you're not sure how to wear bright colours, we're here to help. This guide will help you learn the secrets of wearing bright colours and using the colour wheel to pick out an outfit.

Olivia Rubin: The Queen of Bright, Bold and Statement Colours

Olivia Rubin is the undisputed queen of colour, prints and sequins. She is one of the hottest and newest household names in the fashion industry. Rubin is making a splash by encouraging women to wear bright clothes and to feel free to try all the colours they fancy.

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Rubin said: "The eye is automatically drawn to colour – it makes a statement ­– and I want to encourage women to wear it more." She also explained how many women find it challenging to wear bold colours, like bright orange, pink and yellow initially, but they keep coming back to bright colours once they try them. 

Olivia Rubin is a brand that deliberately stands out from the crowd. The brand's collections always combine the designer's love of vibrant colours with unapologetically feminine designs.

How to Wear Bright Colours: 3 Top Tips to Make an Outfit Pop

It's easy to decide to wear bold colours, but actually taking the step from your navy denim jeans and dark hues can be challenging. If you're unsure where to start with brightening your style, you're not alone. And if you're a bit nervous, that's okay too. 

Wearing bright colours is bound to draw attention. If you're not entirely comfortable or sure your outfit works, it can have the opposite effect and create anxiety. Here are our top tips to help you pick out an outfit you can be confident wearing:

1. Get Familiar with the Colour Wheel

It's time to go back to your school art lessons and look at the colour wheel. The colour wheel is a great way to see if the colours you're choosing work together and will help you to pull off bright colours.  Fortunately, using the colour wheel is easy. The simplest way to use the wheel for statement colours is to put together an outfit using the opposite colours on the wheel. For example, if you pick a shade of yellow or orange, it will match up well with bright blue or purple.

For anyone just starting to wear bold colours, the colour wheel is a great place to start. But once you've been picking out daring ensembles for a little while, you can try to experiment with different colours to see what works. If it doesn't quite work, you can always go back to the wheel.

One way to shake up your use of the colour wheel is to use colour blocking. Instead of using opposite colours on the wheel, you pair up colours next to each other. So rather than pairing yellow or orange with blue or purple, you pair up yellow with orange.

2. Find Colours That Suit You

Unfortunately, not all colours suit us. We've all got that one colour that, regardless of how much we love it on other people, drains our colour, giving us a grey hue. If you're not entirely sure about which colours are the ones for you, listen out for compliments on the different outfits you wear.  If you find that you get more compliments when you're wearing pink, you'll know that colour suits you.

To test if a colour suits you before rocking an outfit, make use of a mirror. While looking in a mirror, hold the colour near your face and see how it makes you look and feel. Does it make your face glow or drain you of colour? Is it too bold? You should also think about how the colour makes you feel. If you're not sure, ask a friend to help you. Two opinions are always better than one.

3. Enjoy Yourself

Try not to overwhelm yourself with all the colour choices have fun with them. Play around with the colours you've got and trust your instincts. You won't get everything right every time, but part of the art of wearing bold colours is the confidence to wear them. 

Once you get going with bright colours, you'll naturally start wearing them more often, which will boost your mood and the mood of those around you. But if you need a bit of inspiration, there’s no better place to start than some of Olivia Rubin’s latest styles.

Bright Colour Outfit Inspiration from Olivia Rubin


Cecilia Cherry Sweatshirt

This pale yellow summery sweatshirt is a great way to add some bold colour to your wardrobe. 

Although the yellow is slightly muted, it’s vibrant, and the cross-stitch cherry adds to the bold effect. 

Highlight with a cherry-red lipstick and nail varnish for an effortlessly bold look.


Bettina Cardigan

Bright colours aren’t just for the summer. The Bettina cardigan has a vast array of bold colours that add a burst of colour to those grey winter days. 

The pastel green Cuban collar adds formality, making it perfect for wearing in and out of the office.

Pair this cardigan up with trousers, skirts or over dresses for an elegant, bold look.


Delilah Geometric Knit

Undoubtedly one of our favourites from the collection, the Delilah geometric knit is full of colour. 

The pattern and colour are bound to catch people’s eyes, and its pale blue base complements all skin tones. 

The Delilah’s slightly cropped shape and balloon sleeves give it more body and make it comfortable and stylish.

Mika Cardigan

The Mika cardigan is an exciting updating on the staple Olivia Rubin knit. It embodies warmth and comfort and lets you add some much-needed colour on those cold winter days.

While the bold colours initially catch your eye, the detailing adds something special to this cardigan. The cardigan is knitted with sequins and has statement diamante clover buttons.

The splash of glitter and colour make this the perfect addition to a festive outfit.

Carly Vest

Add this on-trend lilac knitted vest to your wardrobe for a pop of colour and nostalgia. 

The Carly vest has a boxy fit with ribbed detail and is embellished with a rainbow heart intarsia motif. It’s perfect for layering during the winter months.

Pair with a block colour blouse to make a statement, or wear it under a leather jacket to make the colours really stand out. 

Ready to Find the Perfect Bright Colours for Your Winter Wardrobe?

Explore our entire Olivia Rubin collection today and find the perfect bright colour clothing for your wardrobe.

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