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Accent x AGOLDE Q&A with Design Director, Erin Meehan

Accent x AGOLDE Q&A with Design Director, Erin Meehan

We sat down with Erin Meehan, Design Director, to find out what goes into being a design director, the long-term environmental goal for AGOLDE and what style of jean is at the top of Erin’s rotation this fall.  

Did you always want to become a fashion designer and what goes into being a design director?
I started out as a Ballerina which took up most of my time but was obsessed with fashion since I was a child. Growing up in Suburban Florida, becoming a fashion designer never seemed like a real option. I had never met anyone in that world, and it seemed so out of reach. When I finished school in NYC an opportunity presented itself and I jumped at it. I think when something is so authentic to who you are it will find you.

Working as a Design Director requires loads of research and development, while taking inspiration and working that into sketching, color, washing and fitting. There is also a certain amount of fearlessness that must go into it. You must have conviction in your point of view. Keeping the customer in

mind but also pushing the brand forward into the future without fear of change – it’s that delicate dance between art and commerce.

Sustainability is a big part of AGOLDE’s ethos. How do you go about sourcing materials for your designs and what is the long-term goal in regard to regenerative farming?
We begin by envisioning a product assortment that expresses where we want to go design-wise with an eye on sustainability, then work to source sustainable fabrics which will lower the environmental impact. At our laundry facilities, we utilize machinery such as laser technology, eco-stones and ozone machines. Rather than rely only on stone-washing, our team has mixed and tested several natural enzymes that are applied when washing our denim in order to achieve authentic distressing and eliminate the use of harmful chemicals. These tools and techniques help us achieve and maintain premium washes, while eliminating excessive usage of stone washing, chemicals, labor, water, and energy

Regenerative farming cultivates a healthy relationship between cotton plants, the soil, and the Earth's atmosphere. These specific farming methods focus on soil health, carbon sequestration, and soil biodiversity. By implementing regenerative farming techniques, farmers are able to reduce carbon emissions and restore soil health, both of which allow for greater crop yields and lend a hand in the fight against climate change. 

Everyone at Accent is excited to have AGOLDE on board. What can we look forward to seeing from AGOLDE in the future?
Mixing amazing vintage inspired jeans with a modern twist that will be long term wardrobe staples with boundary pushing design that will help take denim into the future. 

What would you say to aspiring designers and denim lovers who look to follow in your footsteps? 
Learn the core principles of denim development first to build a strong foundation, then find your vision and cultivate a strong point of view. 

The big question. How many variations of jean do you have in your wardrobe? 
I’m not a big hoarder of clothing believe it or not. I think years of living in tiny NYC apartments made me super disciplined about curating my wardrobe. Unfortunately, when it comes to denim that discipline goes out the window. I would guess there are over a hundred pairs of jeans in my archive. I keep all my classic 5 pocket fits folded and piled up by silhouette and hang my fashion denim to make it easier to locate things. Our new Low Slung Baggy is at the top of my rotation lately. It’s super comfortable and fashion forward at the same time.  

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