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Step into a world of elegance with the Leveté Room women's collection at Accent Clothing. Originating from their creative space in Hellerup, north of Copenhagen, Leveté Room is a haven where modernity and timelessness intertwine. Pronounced "Levity", symbolizing a lightness of mind, the Leveté Room collection speaks to the feminine soul, empowering women who are unafraid to infuse their wardrobes with tailored elements typically found in men's attire. With an impeccable blend of soft, draping, and transparent tops paired effortlessly with tailored trousers, the Leveté woman exudes confidence and character.

Deeply rooted in Nordic culture, yet drawing inspiration from the enchanting city of Paris, Leveté Room creates pieces for the proud and presentable woman. The brand’s mission is to craft beautiful, modern and yet timeless clothing, which empower women to create a classic and chic look. Explore the Leveté Room collection on Accent Clothing and find your perfect pieces that embrace femininity with a touch of bold elegance. Allow Leveté Room to guide you in curating a wardrobe that effortlessly reflects your poise and character.

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